Perambulatory - diving deep theory. Next-level Combinatorics from Lisa Erb on Vimeo.

augmented narrative: futuristic

Fundamental Trans Struct for 21st century: :Augmented Combinatorics: RULE FORM: next-level transform trajectories / RADICALLY FRESH Next-Level “Meta-Technology” Encapsulations for the 21st century: Emergent Entanglement - On the combination of Trans Cross Inter Concepts - “radically new technologies” : Fundamental changes for the next level


meta-level’d trans - declinations within the manifold? - augmented force maps. Next-level trans-form trajectories / RADICALLY FRESH Next-Level Meta-Technology. Encapsulations for the 21st century: Augmented Combinatorics: Fundamental Trans Struct: RULE FORM: Emergent Entanglement - On the combination of Trans-/ Cross-/Inter-Concepts - radically new enabling technologies Post-distinct issues. Next encryptions. Towards Multidimensional Rule // Implementation of a new vertical dimension, primer interrelated topic level: Dimensional composition: complex trajectories & binding rules, gating, triggering. On an ontologic view of relation in the process of becoming: cross levelled trans. more letting. The interface is not flat or singular/distinct anymore. It is multiple and complex intertwined. The following lines will meander the fresh condition space within which the interface as a boundary object/relation is composed and what challenges and potential the augmentation of the display, the exponentiality of trajectories has and how complex relational binding unfolds in transdisciplinary research and ICT for future net and globe, speculatively expanding the patterns on their functional interfaced boundary front: For 21st century challenges and global needs, with what we will be able to envision us in cosmologic/interrelated age, and how we enlarge the plane of the interface not just to the 3rd dimension, but understand that exponential mapping, the augmentation of the black box’ s sender media receiver, the s-v-o`s more beautiful shapes & fractals.


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