Intelligent Environment - Welcome to 21st century!

:Augmented Combinatorics:

New paradigm? Yes.Massive! Facing a Millennium of Change: Global turbulences, changing topologies. WE ARE IN LEVEL CRISIS! With changing notion of media and information, fundamental fresh grounds of structural complexification, multidimensionality, nonlinear dynamics and dematerialization, we need to rearrange concepts of entity, direction & relational capabilities.

For 21st century challenges and global needs, the focus has to go to softinance, de-growth, dynamic forms of organization within constant flux of change tangled state, new emergent forms, fundamental fresh basics for transfer and exchange, flexible level architectures, allowing open-ended parameters, macro- & micro- politics of the multiple, ontologies of borderlessness, augmented system of amongst, a new quality of post-quantity to upgrade to more advanced, refinements of basal spheres, alternative forms of merge, new emergent forms of addition, combination and relation: effective links to other units: process integrative open.

Giving up binary thinking. Becoming - multidimensional.

To rethink post-representative changing strategies: to bring together where it meets: unifying larger scales - advancing a "big picture" of involved spheres.

[(choir:)/globalrealtimetruth:// level crisis//multiplicity/interconnectedness/..*]

//next level: meta-level’d<trans> <THROUGH>: fundamental framework


!NextParadigmaticStep: Fresh Fundament: Culture+Technology+InterlinkedSciences: Interconnectedness(:transfer and exchange:) (/Complexity) & Entanglement/ Dynamics/Openendedness: ]Enactment[ : TRUE<through> Rewrite TO/Intersection/Trajectory(Manifestation/)/Time: next- order entity perception & relational potential/Function (Work,Effectiveness,Symviability)

upgrade fundamental relation composition (This through all parts of each), dimensions, agencies, ...) fresh <to> is ‘cross-combined’ .

to dare to go beyond the paradigm/following the basal line of deduction of <<RELATION>>, finding very very fresh composition parameters and rulesets of combination and merge, a fresh fundamental dimensional mapping environment under fresh conditions/ facts set = set= ([‘Dynamics’, ‘Complexity’, Multiplicity, Emergence]) >> ONTOLOGY // information /// potential //// entity-levels //// formal composition

General Focus:

Post-dualistic combinatorics. #POLYCONNECT, #MULTIPOTENTIAL



a meta-theory of relation and <trans>form trajectories (formerly known as time) under holistic perspective, advancing a "big picture" of involved spheres for 21st century challenges: a new meta horizon:

On a topologic view of relation in the process of becoming: From dual binary system to multiple, from state to potential.

alternative forms of merge,

refinements of basal spheres, global needs

To a fresh form of relation/operation, new emergent forms.

To an ontology of states, to non-material subsets of dynamic form: Leveled<trans>. New open-ended rulesets. from representation to fruition.

dynamic net and open /decentralized structs, alternative organization models, renewal of connective abilities, redefinition of entity/node/set. The QUESTION OF BINDING.

Flux techniques - in theory and in application.

Innovation Gap: in the potential of transdisciplinary and philosophical issues within 21st century highly complex rel.set. Missing is the interlinkage of complex non-linear issues and the potential of fundamental fresh findings of interlinkage and post-distinctive methods and forms, post-border states and exchange enabling technologies.

differentiation, entanglement, non-locality, inseparability, multiplicity and its topological/ontological consequences, alternative exchange forms, Next Order Codification, New Flux Forms, Post-Dualistic Progression Technology, challenges of 3rd Millennium, future shift,

within structural complexification and dematerialization: There is information in the connection:

based on emergent diffraction: agency: fundamental structure principles of the concept of information as change and/or functionally: transformator.

Taking ‘open technologies' from information to basic new mappings and dimensions, open-ended ontologies..

rearranging fundamental relational politics: what transformation and change can mean and what scales this might include.

shift - it’s form.

!post-binary/-distinctive/-dichotomic/ , vertical/<trans>[embedment, immersion, depth, ]

/parameter //levels //binding ///form ////functions /////deductions //////taxonomy///////ontology/<— static vs. dynamiccomplexnonlocal—>post-paradigmatic:

In context ‘future of’ we need to focus on: Volutionary Thinking. Within: Towards: general and special <THROUGH>.

redefine action / deepify diversity in depth / below-relation


*fresh next-level thinking: ontology/cause/pattern

META, zooming out of this planet and time*:

structural collapse and the emerging catastrophy in the interconnected fields (climate, resources, exchange & structure systems, definition of ‘work’, ‘function’, ‘value’), composition of enactment framework (distinctive, hierarchic, static)


Complex dynamic system in dependency of time & space: dilemma of linkage: stretch of time space / depth.

- Formation -

productive summation:

rewriting entity and transgression

environment / horizon

‘culture' Technology: to bring it all together where it meets(culture, science, technology): !optimization, !visionary UPDATING RELATIONAL FUNDAMENTS within /FRESH set

- value and ‘goal’ upgrade,

{connectability} *’becoming’/transformation/nature/next/__/___//()*

Theoretical fundaments combined, manifesting the fresh core of unified sciences and technologies, fresh grounds from the base: Aiming to promote highly interdisciplinary research, that will make real advances to the solving of important scientific questions where complexity is a key issue, we need fundamental root rewritings.

To a fresh form of relation/operation, new emergent forms. new open-ended rulesets1 beyond concepts of matter, bits, pieces, forces, mappings and dimensions, emergent diffraction in the process of becoming.

Uniting ontology and depth of relations and representation of different methods, disciplines networks, in order to identify such structures and the basis of processes and the dynamics. Softening and re- education what entity is, acceptance of fragility, visionary intra- actions within the constant flux of change tangled state. “As we become increasingly less ‘linear’, many more doors and pathways open up to us.

Goal is to a fresh non-static, non-dualistic form of "technology", intersection border perception/ relation / / operation, the process of becoming, functional differentiation focusing on the basal distinction: transformation as structure

Form of movement/ superposition in time and space and potentials, to come to a simple form that is mighty of including all its subsets to an entity, allocation of meaning


the coefficients of the virtual
within fresh set of condition space (under inclusion of the observer,of dynamic complex reality, non-locality, indeterminancy, )

basal rule of development and transition

- an up-to-date re-presentation of the enclosing (in the sense of the world)/nature (in the sense of the form),

a new basal calculus (basing on emergent form of differentiation/combination) new forms of basic addition and combination

from an essence towards a multiplicity. From static to dynamic. From absolute to relative. From relation to interrelatedness. Erosion of the noumena' 3

-> new forms from there: <Combined> is a <trans> form to the next.

> update entity thinking via “aboutness”/multiplicity/post-dychotomic/queer/trans/vertical path (this is what feels like falling/loosing-Alice’s track, the Strange Attraktor, consciousness’ trap, Kauffman`s Knot...)

> rewrite fundamental relational concept [-> framework ([embedment, transfer/deduction/application]) (co-/crowd-/mass-/compound- [intersection/relation/drive/action]:means+functions[gloCal], stories and linings,

avantgardistic linings and structural meta-merge tries ) > ontology work and arrangement

> optimisation and levels, over all sys towards symviability > dimensional expansion, trajectories and depth
> connection from the base
> metaphorms and structure
> time and mapping
> Onto and Inter
> Fundamental (Relational) Big Picture

R QUESTIONS: - Fundamental Theory -

Define Fresh Set:

Fresh Arithmetic Calculus (inclusive, self-referential, dynamic, inductive, randomness)

Fresh Deductions on the ‘Time’ Principle: open set, potential, ->manifestation

Update on Perception: consciousness, depth, non-linear narratives, holism, multiplicity, focus, dedication,

Update Hotrizon: From Global to (+dimension(more-than “curled”)// next-order wrapping///*merge*) Update effectiveness, ‘work’

<‘interconnectedness’, ‘immedience',’ ‘intersection’>

<functional composition sets in general, dimensional mapping, functional derives, complex <TRANS>methodology>> fundamental:

Modelling Trajectory (potential, relation, embedment, dimensions). -


on a shared level:
the vastness of that one big Stream
rearranging sight/horizon:
looking for the form of the form it can get very easy again.